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Hi There, My name is Ray. I am a 25 Year old Photographer, 3D artist, and Music Producer from the Netherlands.
My focus lies on our Mind, Psychedelic  Settings, Nature and Spirituality...
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Raymon Brugman

thasippster asked: Saw your YouTube videos. Pretty epic my friend.

Hey Thasippster! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my vids:). Highly appreciate this, and even cooler that you dig them too! Ray

Honeycomb by Raymon Brugman

""God" is just a synthesizer, oscillating the universe into vibration…"

- Raymon Brugman 2013

Sphere Generator by Raymon Brugman 2013

Anonymous asked: Have you watched the movie "Samsara"? What do you think about it?

Hello Anon :D, what a lovely delight to get a message in my inbox :D. I think I did. But I’ve seen allot of movies alike, I’ve seen Baraka on shrooms one night, and I think Samsara was on that playlist that night as well. What I think of these movies? Well first off, Ron Fricke is a Genius, and he is a master in portraying the beauty of this planet, but he also captures this very sad undertone of mankind in a truly unique manner, he shows us how we are truly on the path of destroying ourselves, our planet and everything with it. His cinematography is beyond words, and one of my greatest inspirations when it comes to film. Samsara comes with some very shocking footage and that certainly makes one think. I think everybody should have seen his films at least one time in their lives, especially if you take into account the beautiful music pieces that have been composed for these films. Watch these films on a beamer, with some good monitor speakers, together with some friends, having a smoke and a laugh and just take it all in, a wonderful time is guaranteed…

German Nature by Raymon Brugman 2011
Finally, .gifs are working again :) … by Raymon Brugman 2013
Transpirant Version by Raymon Brugman
Night by Raymon Brugman 2013
Night Sky by Raymon Brugman 2013
by Raymon BrugmanFull resolution Color Cycle GIF (1000PX - 9mb) @ DeviantartFull Resolution Still @ 1600PX @ DeviantartThanks for watching and or liking :D, I’ll try to post the Gif on Tumblr as well, but it’s really bitching at the moment, I tried it with 3 different GIFS that where all way below 1MB, so tumblr kind of hates me I guess O.o…
Hello everybody, Well I Thought I try something new tonight. Some good old fashioned line work :). Full view @ Deviantart: http://dridon.deviantart.com/art/Line-Art-Mandala-391080082?ga_submit_new=10%253A1375760379Hope you like it, as it my first creation of this sort :). Thanks for watching and a lovely day to you! :)Ray
by Raymon Brugman 2013
Hello everybody,It’s been a while since I made one of these, so thought I’d share something I am working on. I am working on my very own visual library :)…Hope you like it, and have a great day!Ray

Raymon Brugman - Animated Mandala Digital Kaleidoscopic Visuals 

Something I’ve been experimenting with every now and then. Now with my new gpu I can render much faster, bigger and with better shaders and quality then I could before. These are raw renders with no post processing. The music was also created by me something which was sitting on my hard-drive, and it isn’t really finished, but it gave me something to work with. It was in fact a faulty and discarded render because it has some over-sampled tracks at twice the normal speed in it :P, but for this demonstration it sounded alright to me. Full HD and Full screen recommended and please enjoy :)

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